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This Premium Audit Guide is designed to provide brokers and policyholders with detailed information and tools to prepare for annual audits. Audits are a necessary part of the workers’ compensation process and this guide will help make them go as smooth and quickly as possible--all it takes is a little advance planning.  Your auditor is there to serve you and help make the process simple and easy.

Para una versión en español de la guía para una auditoría de prima, haga clic aquí.

Why are Premium Audits Necessary?

These audits are necessary because your policy premium was based upon estimated payroll amounts developed by you or your broker for the upcoming policy period.  After the policy year is complete, our professional auditors will review your payroll records and verify the actual payroll and business operations to ensure that your final premium reflects any changes in your operations from initial estimates.  The audit could result in a return or overpaid premium or an invoice for additional premium.

This guide provides an audit checklist for your advance planning, in-depth information on the types of records needed, and educates the policyholder and  the broker on the audit process.

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